How to get six pack fast

If you want six pack abs, then you need to realize one important truth: the most important factor in getting a six pack is diet. Having the right diet is essential to getting those abs to show. No amount of exercise can overcome a bad diet. This is because getting six pack abs means removing the stomach fat that covers them up. Actually toning the muscles is secondary to getting the fat out of the way. It is this fat that hides the abdominal muscles in the first place.

As the saying goes, a six pack is made in the kitchen. The best way to get six pack abs is to go on a diet to cut down on body fat. Body fat needs to come off all over your body so that your abs can show through. This requires real effort, because the level of body fat you must reach is quite low relative to the average. But the right diet can put you on the path to getting there from week 1. 

It comes down to calories. You need to make sure you are running a calorie deficit, meaning you burn more than you eat. And while exercise is a good thing, it is much more efficient to reduce intake than to work out enough to burn up a lot of calories. So start cutting out the processed sugar if you want six pack abs! That's the only way to ensure you will have the six pack you want. 

Six Pack Abs

Shedding body fat isn't easy if you have not been on a diet in a while. This is because you are used to bad eating habits that are detrimental to your goal, and it takes a lot of willpower to overcome those habits. The right diet will give you some freedom to eat what you want occasionally while having enough control and structure that you severely limit how much you eat of sweetened and processed foods. 

As long as you keep this one basic fact in mind, you are in the best shape to get six pack abs fast: diet comes first. You need to eat right and stick to it to get good abs. It is that simple. There are a lot of exercises and lifts to strengthen your abs, but if you do not drop your fat, nobody will see them. In fact, developing the abs while still carrying stomach fat can actually push that fat further out, which is the opposite of the desired effect. The whole idea is to show off those abs, not bury them underneath a layer of fat. But that fat won't come off without a real commitment to a diet. So if six pack abs is really something you want, start in the kitchen. That's where you will do most of the work and earn most of the rewards.

So How To Get six pack abs- Here is details below:

When you want to get six pack abs, it's not that simple to have. It takes your mental and physical dedication, workout, practice and patience. You have to do lots of things to get six packs. You have to lose your fat and build your muscles. You can get the abs with some particular diet and exercise consistently. With that, you can get perfect abs.But if you have any layer of fatness, then you won't be able to make or see it. It takes time and hard work to be maintained. It will help you to get the perfect abs in few days. Here you will learn some effective ways that would help to achieve your goals.

Building your ab Muscles

Sit ups will help you to get perfect shape when you are about to make your body stretchy and muscular. Lie on a floor, or a flat surface,your feet must be on surface(floor) lift your knees up side. put your hands on your chest. You will need someone who would help you to keep your feet touching the ground, then chowk them under something heavy. Then lift yourself up and lift your back off from the floor with your shoulders. Your back must be straight then low your back. Repeat these moves again and again. When you repeat, then it will become almost comfortable for you to do, after that start adding some other challenge. Find some incline bench and do the same exercise on it. Holding some heavy weight will be very helpful for you to do this when it becomes easier then increase the weight .


Lie down on a mat. Put your straight to your chest, your hands must touch lightly your temples. In this exercise, you will bow your knees down the whole time. Then lift your body along with shoulders up to the knees. Strictly using your belly abs.

  • It's much important to learn how you won't lift the back off from the ground. Otherwise, it can cause the back strain. If you extend/include some other moves, then it will never help you out to develop abs faster.
  • Most necessary thing is when you lift your shoulders off the ground, it is the beginning stretching of your abs when you do it. You only need to focus on lifting you back rather than moving forward. When you have learned to raise yourself up from the floor, then breathe from the mouth and finish it when you put your shoulders off the ground.
  • You can take a break once you reach on the edge of it and keep breathing air from your mouth while flexing the abs. Start to lower your back slightly breath from your nose until your back and shoulders fully hit the floor. But in this whole exercise try not to touch your head the ground.

Leg liftings

Just lie down on the ground straighten your legs out and put your hands aside. Straightly pull your legs up. while lifting your legs don't bend the knees until you complete the rotation. Then lower your legs, but don't let your legs hit the ground.

Try some sit ups

In sit ups, you need to lay down on the floor with your back. To make the balance, you can place your hand's side on floor. While making a move, you can raise your hands up. Pull your knees together and you knees could meet on a hypothetical line start with your tummy to the end. The motion should be that perfectly done that you could touch your them at the top of it. Legs will fold naturally. Bring your legs against your hips.

The momentum can bring you down, and it can make you slow but momentum can make your too slow. Then slightly put your feet and hands on floor. If you can handle a weight, then it between your legs if you think it would help.

Butt Ups

 You can start butt up position only with your forearms and elbows on the ground, lying on the ground with your forearms and elbows, raise your back as high as you can in the air. It will make a shape of a hill or a mountain. Then lower down the glutes straight in straining position. Try to be much protected not to lean below your hip.

Ab roller exercise

While kneeling down on the ground, try to roll it on ground. Then move the it away from you, extend the arms. Get back on the ground but make sure that you are not touching the ground. Your arms must be well stretched upside from your head.

If any don’t have this machine, then you should try with a barbell. A dumbbell loaded with 6 to 12 pounds on both sides. Get yourself into a push-up position. Instead your hands on the ground place your hands on dumbbells. Lift the hips up and bring the dumbbell back up to the legs. When the legs straight on the ground, then set the back again. Get it back downwards gently and repeat it.

Hanging on the bars

Do some hanging pull ups with a straight steel bar. This will make you feel alarmed at the muscles of your abdominal pull up workout.

Do some Pull ups with your palms when the palm is your front face, and five towards your face. It will affect your biceps and lats equally.

Do some push-up

You can choose any push ups workouts you would like to do. Diamond push-ups, standing push-ups, that provides ease and comfort to your body.

Do some cardio workouts

Lose some extra fats that case to hide your body muscles and abs. if you have any layer of fat abs, then it’s not right for you and your body muscles. There are so many ways that that are so much helpful to eradicate all the fat from your muscles. Running, jogging, walking, bicycle riding, are the best other options if you want to get rid of the fat. Also these exercises good for your heart health. These workouts make you active and healthier as well as it gives your body a perfect shape.

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