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How Much Calorie Cutting Should I Really Do?

It is commonly stated that there is no need to fret excessively about cutting calories, provided you work out hard on a consistent basis.

However, this really is not the truth. When you are attempting to shed pounds, you truly do need to understand the actual number of calories your body consumers. It is not necessary to become obsessive, but it is wise to have at least a broad conception of the calories you use and whether or not you are achieving a calorie deficit.

Understanding these numbers is the key to planning an effective weight loss plan. Failing to do so is a recipe for failure over the long term. Of course, if your goal is to achieve chiseled abs, you will need a slightly different strategy from someone just wishin to drop some pounds. You will need to ensure that fat reserves do not get in the way of displaying your ripped muscles.

Under such circumstances, calorie counting becomes vital. You must have a strong handle on what you are eating and the real number of calories you are using. Bodybuilders often weigh what they eat before every meal, and this practice actually makes good sense, because they are doing the math and determining their true caloric totals.

A boiled egg will have 155 calories, while the very same egg fried in two tablespoons of oil will turn into 389 calories. These differences are pivotal. An identical egg is involved, but the preparation was different. Folks may simply assume that a single egg will be 155 calories and neglect to think about how many calories came from adding oil. Thus, their caloric calculations will be erroneous, and they results they desire will prove elusive.

Fortunately, nowadays it is quite easy to research now many calories are in the various foods you eat. Going online and doing some quick research will provide the answers you need. Many phone apps make the process of tallying calories even easier than ever before.

After you research the calories contained in the foods you eat routinely, you must figure out an appropriate target weight for your height. Great information on this topic is available at

When you finally get to your goal weight, you will know the proper daily caloric intake required to maintain it. There is no need to make additional calorie cuts at this point. However, you may need to make changes to the amount of fat, proteins and carbs you eat. There are some who tend to put on weight quickly when eating carbs, so you may find that it is necessary to reduce your intake of carbs and get more of your daily calorie allocation from proteins and fats.

This type of strategy is called ketogenic dieting. Such a method is very useful in getting rid of fat. After the body recognizes that it is not receiving adequate amounts of dietary fat, it will begin accessing fat stores and burning them up. In addition, reducing carbs helps control and limit insulin spikes that could cause fat accumulation to occur.

Ultimately, the purpose of this information is to let you know that there really is a calorie cutting floor below which you need not go. Restricting calories to the level required by a child will simply cause the body to enter starvation mode and stubbornly hold onto every last bit of fat.

Determine your goal weight by factoring in your height. Consume enough calories to maintain that weight. Then, start tinkering with the type of calories you are eating. Exercise at a level sufficient to increase your metabolic burn rate and facilitate additional fat loss. Doing this will keep your calorie burning mechanisms going 24 hours a day.

Following this type of plan will help you access stored fat and use it for daily fuel. There is no need at all for starvation or deprivation. This strategy really is the best method for achieving lasting success.

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