Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer Ab Belt

An ideal and fashionable workout belt, the Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is made of a flexible neoprene; this neoprene material generates enough heat that makes you sweat to burn calories and expel toxins.

Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer is an abdominal exercise belt which keeps the abdomen warm while still allowing the abdominal muscles remain engaged. It may be worn while you are at the gym, during sports or simply on a regular day to day basis that it will still help achieve weight loss goals.

The Ab belt produces heat which can help alleviate inflammation to help soothe midsection and lower back pains. Aside from lessening soreness, the Ab belt can act as a support in the injuries at the lower back and abdominal areas.

With its 50” length measure and Velcro fastening, the Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer Ab Belt fit any body frame. Since it is 10” wide, it covers most of the midsection and as a result, it definitely is effective for weight loss and back support.


Promote weight loss as it increases your core temperature, while preserving body heat and stimulating water loss during exercise

Neo-Sweat Technology: it is made from comfortable, light-weight, 100% premium latex-free neoprene for superior heat insulation. The Stretchy fabric is contoured to fit around waist and does not absorb moisture

Acts as an instant abdominal compression and lumbar support which can help keep your lower back safe during workout

Designed for both men and women, for people with skin allergy; the Ab belt ensures good comfort and provide ultimate flexibility for an active lifestyle

Guarantees money back after 30 days if customer’s unsatisfied with the product


The Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer Ab Belt offers a lasting solution in terms of lessening waist measurement and had been known to be highly affective. With the adjustable Velcro straps, it provides an almost instant transformation.

It may be worn anytime, anywhere; while you take part in sports, workout, or even by just doing your house chores

For those suffering from pain and lower back pain, the Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer Ab Belt will not only provide additional lumbar support for your body, but can also help improve their posture. Can provide warmth that will soothe muscles after working out or even after a injury.


Wearing the Ab belt may improve posture, lessen waist measurement but it won’t strengthen the stomach muscle. Proper exercise and diet will flatten and tone your stomach muscle; although, it can motivate you to go for it as you see your target slimmed down abdomen

What others think of the product?

“Purchased the Ezy trim waist belt as I wanted something that would help me with my abs and waist. I decided that it was worth the try when I first came across the product, and I am glad that I did purchase the neoprene waist trimmer. It is made well and is much taller than other ones I have tried. With the trimmer being taller it helps hold everything in better for me and also helps me to remember to sit straight"

“This Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is the best waist trimming belt I have used to date. I have tried other belts, but they are nit comfortable to use and does not cover my abdominal area well. The components of this waist trimming belt is made of a sturdy yet flexible material; for about 30 minutes at a time I wear the belt around the house and I can feel the abdominal area get warmer as I move around. This really does make you sweat, even on your back. The belt fits well. And it stays in place!"

Reviews from those who have used the Ezy Fitness Waist Trimmer Ab Belt conclude that it is inexpensive yet effective. It helps improve the life of its consumers as it assists posture and muscle support during exercise. It is an effective abdominal belt which is comfortable and fits anybody frame.

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