Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

The ironman IFT 1000 infrared Therapy Inversion Table is considered a healthy product that has been seen to combine two technologies in one, infrared heat and inversion therapy. The Far Infrared Therapy is what makes this table to be soothing and more curative. For those that have used inversion therapy have more to enjoy than all the rest because their benefits are more pronounced. Some of the benefits that it will avail you is relieving back pain, decompressing joints, allowing nutrients to reach your discs and even go ahead to boost your blood circulation.

The table has a foldable design and that is why it is easy to store it away after using. It is comfortable and is able to support weights of up to 350 pounds. Other than all this, it is a table that you can use for a long time because it is sturdy and secure to use. It has been built with carbon fiber elements that have been placed in the back. That is why it is it is able to alleviate all the muscle aches and pains that you might be experiencing.


- Thick infrared Heat Therapy Backrest

- Ability to do a complete 180-degree inversion

- It has an LED display controller that will adjust the temperature so that it fits your needs

- Side mesh pockets for storing your remote control


- Infrared Heat Therapy Backrest

It has a one therapy backrest that is used to offer you that extra comfort and heat when you need it most. There are also extra-long safety handles that enable you have an easy return to the upright position when you have used it.

- Comfortable ankle cushions

They are ergonomically made and they will mold all your ankles steadily so that you get the best comfort ever.

- Far Infrared Ray Heat Therapy

It has a thin fiber heating that will provide you with an acceptable biological heat so that it sooths your back. The benefit of this is that you will get a transitory relief from all minor muscle pains.

- LED Display control

It has been designed with an adjustable timing feature with temperature regulatory mechanisms and an on-and-off switch.

- Remote control

It is a remote that will allow and regulate or modify the settings that you need easily as while inverted.

- Adjustable safety Tether strap

It has been placed handy so that it controls the maximum angle of inversion.

- Safety side covers

It has vinyl side covers that can be used for the remote control or any other item that you wish to store securely. 


- The combined effort that is got from the inversion and infrared heat therapy will always work hard towards helping in your blood circulation and decreasing stress levels

- The remote control makes it easy to adjust the heat as you use the table. You can even go ahead and adjust the heat using the easy LED display.

- The backrest has the ability to reach up to degrees. Note that infrared heat does not burn the skin.


- The instructions of the weight and its assembly are not clear.

- The weight time is also given in general

This is an inversion table that substantial and robust. It is of great value and will meet the health and medical issues that deal with back pain. Most of the clients that have bought this item are really happy and thank the manufacturers for bringing it to them because it has offered hem a solution to the many problems that they had been facing.


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