An Honest Maxi Climber Review

Out of all the workout equipment I've tried, when I experienced the Maxi Climber, it moved me to write about it.

Maxi Climber Key Features -

The Maxi Climber is advertised and marketed as being ergonomically designed to suit all body types. This is because of its isometric non-stick grips and adjustable height. They also promote its personal workout timer that actually stops and starts in sync with the user. The emphasize the fact that its compact folding design makes it very easy to store.

How it Works

It uses your own body-weight to create a point of resistance that is focused on various muscle groups. The Maxi Climber is capable of replicating the effort involved in climbing up steep mountains or very tall walls, which in turn gives you enhanced aerobic capacity that guarantees toning from your head to your toes. It is a complete and totally intense workout.

Using Your Maxi Climber

1. In order to climb efficiently, you need to keep the hips back while focusing on the glutes. This helps you to cut down on your risk of knee pain or injuries.

2. When you're using your Maxi Climber it is highly recommended that you do not bounce side to side. What you want to do instead is keep the hips stationary while engaging the legs and your core. This is very similar to the action performed while riding out of your saddle when you're cycling. It will keep your movements in a better state of efficiency and give those abs a good workout as well.

3. Whenever you push your right are upward, you should pull down with your left, making it easier for them to assist each other.

4. While you use your Maxi Climber you are able to progress through 'full range of motion'. It can be a bit tempting for you to move up or down a few inches. If you choose to go bigger, then your arms and your legs are going to get a better workout and you'll be burning more calories as well.

Reviews - PROS

The Maxi Climber is fully adjustable to fit any height (you can raise or lower the upper handles to fit), however, it offers no resistance setting. Actually, for this kind of machine there is no need for a resistance setting.

The Maxi Climber gives you an excellent workout. If you want to increase the strenuous level of your workout simply lengthen your steps while you use it. This machine is a great for working up a sweat and burning fat. It helps you to lose fat and water-weight indirectly which affects the abdominal area.

The Maxi Climber features impressive foot pads and grips with a sturdy frame.

The Maxi Climber folds up neatly for easy storage. You can put it in your closet or under you bed. You can lean it up against the wall without it being intrusive. It takes up a very small amount of space and will stand upright. It only takes a pull on one pin to make it fold up.

The assembly is very simple and easy. Average users can put it together in 20 minutes or under. There are 5 bolts all-total that come pre-assembled in your machine, along with 2 movable handles and 2 stationary handles. All you have to do is loosen the bolts and insert the appropriate item, then tighten up the bolt with the hex wrench that is provided.

The Maxi Climber helps people suffering from a Posterior Pelvic Tilt

This machine is very sturdy. It handles tiles surfaces well and can maintain large body masses.

It features a digital tracker that also reveals your calorie count.

It's so quiet you can work out on it while you watch TV.

From beginners to seasoned workout pros it gives a great overall workout.

It is lightweight and easy to maneuver and still very sturdy.

Reviews – CONS

The instructions they provide, either the DVD or booklet, are not so good in regard to showing you how to use it and what is proper form.

The food pedals are a bit small and having a stiffer shoe on them could make it easier to maneuver. The foot pedals it has are studded like football cleats which makes it hard if you're barefoot. You need slippers or shoes that have a rubber bottom. So it could use a larger foot pad or maybe an alternate replacement included.

The Maxi Climber works the best on low-nap, commercial-grade carpeting that has no pad, or on a hard floor like wood flooring. The machine isn't 100% stable while on the carpet, it requires a solid floor.

Viewing the counter during a workout can be difficult. This lack of ability to see the stair counter while exercising is a negative.

The Maxi Climber needs a resistance feature because lesser weight people don't have the weight necessary to get weight-based resistance. That means the intensity of their workout is compromised. That means a compromise of definition and muscle tone as well.

It is not a full, complete, and total body workout. This is just a light-weight workout aimed more at beginners or average-toned people.

This machine doesn't train the abdominals. Their claim is that it does train the abdominals, however, to achieve this it would need to have tension or pedal straps.

It doesn't train your lower back or your hamstrings. This could lead to the development of Anterior Pelvic Tilt and cause instability in the back.

It doesn't train Hip Flexors (lliopsoas).

The Clock/Timer is totally inoperative, which renders it worthless.

The hand-grip rails will not extend high enough for them to be totally effective. The arm assemblies need a few more inches on them as well.

Summary and Recommendations

The best features of the Maxi Climber are its lightweight yet heavy duty, calorie burning, and compact easy storage. In regard to quality it seems to be a little over-priced. Many critics agree that maybe it's worth half its asking price. It adequate for individuals who are in need of a solid workout but have a limited amount of space for using expensive, more high-tech exercise equipment.

The quick assembly time of 15 minutes may take some people more like 30 minutes, however, this is still not bad. Because the abdominals and core muscles are not trained adequately, this machine is better used as an addition alongside a regular gym routine as opposed to being a stand-alone total body workout. Within this price range you could find stationary bikes with pedal straps and tension control that will give you a total workout for your hip flexors, hamstrings, obliques, quads, calves, glutes, and abdominals, and also a focus on your core strength.

If they would add some pedal straps and tension control in the future users would benefit from core training of their Hip Flexors and abdominals. While the Maxi Climber does place and emphasis on the glutes and quads, a person still needs a strengthening of the hip flexors, core abs, lower back, deep abdominals, and hamstrings.

The Maxi Climber 'does' bring a mountain-climber effect into your home. It offers users full body workout training by burning calories, strengthening muscles, and increasing your endurance while giving you a mountain-climbing experience. The Maxi Climber replicated the natural movements of the body as it would if your were rock climbing. It works out those very same muscles.


While the Maxi Climber has its limitations, it also delivers some positive benefits that are attractive to any health enthusiast. It delivers on the following points -

1. It boosts energy. Workouts improve endurance and muscle strength exponentially.

2. It will improve the libido. Exercising regularly improves your sex life because of the increase of your energy levels.

3. It improves sleeping habits. Exercising regularly improves the quality of your sleep and normalizes your sleep patterns.

4. It helps you manage your weight.

5. Using the Maxi Climber will promote better overall mood. Exercise gives you an overall good sense of well-being.

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