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The size of a steering wheel, there is a new exercise gadget on the market today that is being introduced by Joseph Pilates. Though it is gaining popularity in the weight loss and fitness industry, there are a number of different things that people should know before an individual makes an investment. Some of the most essential information about this type of exercise equipment is listed in the communication below. 

Firstly, this equipment is being designed to improve an individual’s poster, coordination, flexibility, strength and, their balance. Also, for those who use it, they will also find that its increases one capacity for breathing better along with helping the function of other organs in the body. The name of this product is referred to by one of two names in the industry. and they are Power Ring or Magic Circle. 

Dissimilar from other exercise tools and equipment, it is not intended for the purposes of creating resistance. Even though most people may try to pick it up and crush it to see how much resistance that they can place on the Power Ring, it has not been designed to work the person’s muscles out in that way. Instead, it is made to help people to tone their muscles in a gentler, efficient, and effective way. Therefore, if a person is looking for a gentle to a moderate work out, this may just be a good fit. 

Another essential thing that people in the fitness world should know is that these rings are available in different styles and quality made materials. Therefore, according to the individual’s personal preferences and their budget, they can make their selections when they are reviewing what is available. For instance, this Power Ring normally comes in two different materials, which are rubber and metal. The size of this device is approximately 13 inches in diameter and is made with small pads that’s located on either side. The buyer should also know that there is a Power Ringsmade with instructors in mind and it is called the Fitness Circle Pro. Because it is portable, instructor can travel with it from one location to another. This version of the Power ring is built with spring steel and is made to withstand high intensity workouts. 


Size is 14-Inch Diameter 

Non slip design that is Made with foam padded grips on both sides

Designed to Stabilize Muscle Groups 

to Ensure a Resistance Style of Training made with High-Tension Steel


Durable Rubber Covering for Safety 

Moulded-Grip Handles

Tones Your Body 


Weighs - 1.5 pounds (postal weight)

ring is 14-Inch in Diameter

Foam padded grips 

grips (outside and inside)

video of instructions


Designed to produce - Bigger and stronger muscles. 

Ring intensifies the effect of the fitness program since it’sresistance pushes the muscles harder

Shape all areas with only one piece of equipment. 

Look for expedited results. 

Resistance rings provides slow and controlled movements with swifter results and much much more.


As with any new product, there are some cons to its usage too. More importantly, people are saying that it is not an exercise equipment that can be used with no previous instructions or professional guidance. Therefore, before an individual begins this kind of program, it is essential that they consult with their doctor first. Or, the individual will need to obtain the guidance that they need from a professional who knows exactly how the equipment is to be used.

If not, people can experience various kinds of injuries when it is being used incorrectly. For instance, one of doctor is saying that they are seeing more people who have muscular strain problems after they have been attending Pilates classes. Some people are also reporting aggravated discs because of the classes and instructions that they have received. This information is coming from a Spinal Surgeoin, Stewart Tucker, from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London. 

What are people saying:

Works out the core muscles, however, it can also be intimidating to use. 

The materials are tough and can be used on the legs, arms, and other areas of the body. Some people have recommended for the arms since that it helps to tone up those chicken wings. 


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