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Six Pack Abs Secret Television infomercials, fitness articles, and ads for miracle supplements all promise six pack abs fast. But the reality is, to obtain a rock hard, the sculpted look is very difficult, and takes a strong commitment combined with a unique strategy. Even if you do a few more crunches, workout on the hottest ab machine or perform countless sit-ups every day, you still won’t achieve a flatter, more defined stomach. It is physically impossible to rid yourself of fat stored in your midsection by simply doing abdominal workouts or targeted exercises. Particularly for women, success comes with the right mix of diet and a dedicated workout routine. Kind genetics is helpful, but not mandatory and it isn’t necessary to use harmful steroids to get ripped. That is the six pack abs secret.

Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

Women need to reduce their body fat to a lean 16-19 percent for six pack abs to be visible. This is a high, yet attainable goal, as it is still a healthy level of body fat, typically seen in athletes. These numbers are well below the average range of 22-33 percent for women.

A typical woman living in the U.S. today is at 40 percent body fat, which demonstrates how unhealthy many Americans are right now. If you are not already active and lean, it will take a considerable amount of work to achieve cut up abs. Planks, twists and side bends won’t do anything to adjust your body fat level. But all is not lost, with a precisely timed and skillfully portioned diet combined with the right mix of cardio workouts, strength training, and recovery time, you will earn that coveted look you desire. The Six-Pack Secret is based on tried and true principles that have stood the test of time for more than 80 years. This easy to understand fitness program is the real deal, backed by science, not hype or gimmicks. Everything you need is mapped out in simple step-by-step instructions, with no guesswork involved.

Differences in Fat Stores for Men vs. Women

Everyone stores fat, adipose tissue doesn’t discriminate against men or women. Some people have more fat cells than others, but we all have the same muscles and bones, regardless of sex. Therefore, similar targeted training programs are necessary for both men and women to effectively burn fat, build muscle and develop lean six packs.

Of course, men and women are not exactly the same physically. Some men require heavier weight to achieve comparable results to some women, but the basic training and nutrition approach is essentially equal. There are no gender specific workout plans or exercises that will work better for men than women. The same movements that have been proven to boost the metabolism and enhance fat burning hormones have remained the same throughout the ages.

The single factor that differs between the sexes is that women are not as strong, in general, therefore, they require lighter weights, and fewer calories each day. Men and women can reach their fitness goals with The Six Pack Secret, in fact, some of the biggest success stories come from women on the program.

Six Pack Diet Review

Proper Diet and Nutrition Is Vital

Avoiding sugary treats and eating smaller food portions will jumpstart your weight loss effort if you are currently overweight. But to get chiseled lean you must incorporate a much more precise body sculpting strategy.

Targeted nutrition should consist mainly of lean proteins and vegetables. Whole grains and fruit may be included in one or two meals along with some healthy fats from a quality source such as avocados, fish oil or olive oil.

Since developing six pack abs requires a precise ratio of protein, carbs and fat, that can be sabotaged by unhealthy fats, processed food additives and eating out too often. Dining at restaurants and at other people’s homes should be avoided.

Make Cardio a Priority

If you simply cut calories and skip the exercise your dreams of attaining six pack abs will be in vain. In the end, you will not only lose fat but the muscle you need to sculpt your body and boost metabolism. It is recommended that healthy adults partake in at least 30 minutes of moderate daily physical activity and strength training two days per week to maintain good health.

It will take more effort than this to get your six-pack in order. Major calorie burning exercises like running, high-intensity interval training or rowing are a very important part of your fat burning program.

Strength Train with Heavy Weights

Strength training is essential to defining your six-pack, whether man or woman. If you try to lose weight without adding this vital component you will lose valuable muscle mass. Even in rest, muscle boosts your metabolism and a lean body uses more energy during activity.

Plan to strength train hard at least three times a week. You will likely execute 1-3 sets of a variety of exercises targeting large muscle groups, such as your legs, arms, hips, shoulders, abs, chest and back, using heavy enough weights that you feel fatigued by the time you reach the final few reps.

Your program may recommend that you train with weights 4-5 days each week, alternating upper and lower body exercises. Allow at least two days of recovery time between each group of muscles trained.

Include effective ab exercises in your regular strength training schedule. Add moves like standard sit-ups, crunches, planks and side planks in the beginning. As you improve your strength level, introduce resistance moves such as standing cable crunches or kettlebell swings. Attempt to work your abdominals 3-5 day per week.

Do Genetics Play a Significant Role?

Yes, we all know that life is not always fair. Sometimes, it seems downright cruel the way some people get dealt such fabulous genes, while others, not so much. Some women believe that even if they put in all the work, and lose the fat, they still won’t get the abs they want because they just don’t have it the right make up. Although some ladies do have the luck of the draw, anyone can achieve the same goal with the right strategy.

Even with the most sluggish metabolism, and worst genes on the planet, you can improve your physique with better meal choices and smarter workouts. No matter what, if you really want it, you can create the strong, sleek body you crave.

The Six Pack Abs Secret

The science-backed Six-Pack Secret training program can help you shed unwanted fat and sculpt hard, defined abs. This strategic step by step fitness guide teaches important principles including holistic training and hormone balancing, that affect fat loss and muscle development.

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