Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

Many people invest in muscle building programs without first understanding about its contents, and facts and figures about their effectiveness. In most of the cases, the end results come in the form of complete disappointment. The Muscle Maximizer is the only body building program that has been designed by a seasoned expert fitness trainer Kyle Leon and has been consistently getting the top reviews from different corners of the world.

Who Is Kyle Leon?

Kyle Leon is a fitness expert who’s learned the hard way the value of nutrition in getting the best physique and muscle. You’d never guess it, if you look at him now. After spending hours for years in a gym without spectacular results, he got in touch with the world’s top body building and fitness experts. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Kyle Leon can now be found gracing many glossy magazines and is also a top fitness model. Best of all, he is the leading figure in the world of fitness nutrition, and this system, with input for world’s to fitness experts, is what makes The Muscle Maximizer different from the rest.

What’s there in the Muscle Maximizer?

You might have seen many people who’re successful in getting ripped within a short span of time without making much of efforts, while others spend months without seeing any desired results. This is mostly due to the use of wrong muscle building program for the wrong body type.

The Muscle Maximizer is a complete bodybuilding system that is completely based on your body’s somatotype. Actually, there are three of these-mesomorph, ectomorty and endomorph, and each of these types has altogether different effect on the way your body processes the consumed food and build muscles.

The Muscle Maximizer has two parts: the nutrition plan and the muscle building plan. Each plan can be customized depending upon the age, physical characteristics, time and body type. This program is best for both men and women. The goal of this program is to improve body physique and build muscles within a short time. It works well for all body types and suggests diet plan and exercise to meet the requirements of the body.

In the program, there is a step-wise guide that first defines your somatotype, and then uses a MS Excel based application to work out exactly what, how, and when to eat depending upon your personal information and workout regime. By understanding exactly how and when your body is in anabolic state, you’ll eat and work out in a way that will help your body to recover and repair rapidly. In fact, this is the fastest possible way to build muscles, tone them and keep your also keep your post-workout muscle soreness to a minimum.

Main Features of the Muscle Maximizer

  • The program provides best nutrition guidance for building lean muscle.

  • It is a web based program with a user-friendly interface. It can be adapted for various uses, using the inch or metric measuring system.

  • This system uses four patented and highly effective formulas to calculate metabolic nutrition that can be adjusted to one’s individual needs

  • The nutrition scheme of the Muscle Maximizer can be customized to all crucial aspects of your individuality: height, age, weight, somatotype and metabolism. Your weight training regime would depend on all of these.

  • With the Muscle Maximizer, you’ll be walked through all major steps for finding your somatotype.

  • On your off-gym days, the recovery nutrition of the Muscle Maximizer has been designed in a way that it helps in repairing and rebuilding broken muscle tissue. You can easily recover fast without any muscle soreness due to intelligent calorie shifting and macro-nutrient techniques.

How the Muscle Maximizer Work?

  • The Muscle Maximizer combines both meal plans and weight training and the user can easily customize them to meet his or her body needs.

  • Once you access the online database and customize the exercises and diet, you will have to provide few facts about your weight, age, and height so that system can suggest you the best option.

  • The information provided by you to the system will be sued for designing the best meal plan and training manual for you. If you have any confusion or problem in using this program, then you can read the user manual.

Planning Your Meals with the Muscle Maximizer

  • The Muscle Maximizer includes three types of fully customized meal plans. Each of these plans can meet the nutritional needs of a muscle builder. But you are not just limited to these plans.

  • The Muscle Maximizer comes with an extensive database of more than 1400 different foods.

  • Planning your meals with the Muscle Maximizer helps in building lean muscles without any danger of putting on fat.

  • You can use this database to create your very own meal plans by making necessary substitutions and meeting the nutritional needs of each and every meal.

Pros in the Muscle Maximizer

  • It’s really simple to use and if you have basic knowledge of the Internet and computer, you can easily use it.

  • There no need to wait for this system to activate as once you get it, you immediately get access to all its components.

  • The instructions are provided in the simple way and all explanations are easy to understand.

  • You can get fully customizable meal plans according to your body type. Its food gallery has more than 1400 delicious and nutritious food recipes.

  • There are many informational and useful videos in the gallery that will help you learn fast.

  • There’s an option to upgrade your package into VIP advance package that includes Somanabolic Secrets, the Muscle Maximizer VIP Access, and Muscle Building Specialist.

Free Bonuses with the Muscle Maximizer

  • Somanabolic Supplementation

  • Somanabolic Weight Training

  • Somanabolic Unlimited Upgrades

  • 7 Days Out

Full Money Back Guarantee

The developer of the Muscle Maximizer offers 100 percent full money back guarantee which will ensure that you won’t end up losing any money if the product doesn’t suit you.


Overall, the Muscle Maximizer provides the best possible results to all its users. It has everything you need to get started with your raining. The Muscle Maximizer videos make it easy for you to understand everything clearly. You also get maximum value from the free bonus gifts you get with the package. All in all, it’s a WIN-WIN deal for you!



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