Snoring And Sleep Apnea no more review

I don’t know exactly how or when it began, but suddenly my wife had to start nudging me in the middle of the night to mention that I was snoring. My doctor talked about sleep apnea snoring. Gadgets, mouthfuls of plastic, harnesses, and gas mask-like contraptions. Ay! Sure they stop snoring all right: the catch is that you just cannot sleep!.

I don’t remember my wife complaining about snoring during our younger days. One helpful point was no doubt that we both slept like babies after a hard day’s work plus dealing with four little ones and a dog. Unfortunately, that situation was not to last.

In the evening, we usually watched the news on our TV before going to sleep and I reached the point where I lay there drifting off during the news and although my wife was awake, the snoring made it nearly impossible for her to hear what the newscasters were saying.

I’m a vet, and despite some of the bad publicity about VA hospitals and clinics, here in Sacramento, California, I feel like a celebrity. These guys really take care of us and my primary care doctor discussed a sleep apnea clinic for me.

I’d have to spend the night at the medical center where my sleep would be monitored. I refused because I could not bear the thought of trying to sleep at the medical center strapped up in god knows what sort of gear and then the worse fear: If I did have sleep apnea ( A good Possibility, I admit), I’d have to start wearing a sort of gas mask at night and for me that was simple out of the question.

I tried the nose strips and maybe they work for some but they would not stay put on me and that was a total waste of time and money.

And as I was to find out later on, the fact that every day I felt so tired and worn probably came the snoring as well. Even chronic depression.

My doctor discussed surgery with me, but that’s not always a remedy and considering my age, the doctor felt that any surgery, unless absolutely imperative, could very possibly be more serious than the condition I was hoping to improve.

I eventually bought some sort of elasticized harness to place over my head and chin to keep my mouth closed and found that not only did not work well. It usually slipped off in the middle of the night. Need I mention that it was most uncomfortable?

My wife is a lot more practical, resourceful and clever than I am. So while I was probably playing solitaire on my computer, she got busy on hers and found something she thought might actually work.

It is called Snoring and Sleep Apnea No More

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Catch name that pretty much says it all. But there is a lot of more to this than just a catchy name.

Personally, I hate to have to go to doctors. Routine checkups etc are bad enough but when they want to send me to special clinics or to a dietician who wants me to use a powdered vitamin-enriched supplement, that is way too much for me.

But this product is all natural. That got my attention right away. I never went so far as to consider the mouth guards because they require natural teeth and I have to wear dentures. Besides the thought of a mouth full of plastic was too much. I am not a boxer.

As to sleep apnea, I am not entirely convinced I have that. My wife does think so, however, and as I said she is pretty smart.

My snoring got so loud and annoying that we seriously discussed making up a couch downstairs for me.

Well, finally not long ago I was web surfing, not looking for snoring remedies at all. I’d given up on that at the moment I was looking for something else when this plan popped up and hit me right in the face.

I sat there at the computer and read and re-read the web page and some of the testimonials. When my wife came upstairs, I showed her the page and after a very short discussion, we decided to go for it.

I won’t mention the ridiculously low cost here but the web page tells it all up front and the really good part is that you only pay once. One time. That is all. Unlike nearly everything else advertised, you are not getting railroaded into regular monthly deliveries. Once I did do that when I ordered a book I wanted. The company was called the Nostalgia Book Club.

Suddenly. To my utter surprise, I began getting books every month (actually it seemed more often than that) and though I tried to unsubscribe (this was before computers ) I was ignored.

The part I have ti tell about was when I came home and my daughter, Dorothy, came over with a book in her hand and said: “here is another book from that Nausea book club” she was only 8 so she was not being sarcastic. I could not help, however, thinking that an appropriate name for the book club.

No Recurring payments or unwanted shipments here on snoring and sleep apnea no more, however. Just one small payment, less than dinner out for two, will solve that snoring problem. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, you have got a full 60 days to change your mind.

PS: A lot of really informative written material accompanies your package, information that can help you and your family have a more healthful and enjoyable lifestyle.

That’s it! Go forth and suffer no more!!

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Snoring No More Review